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Ritning: 3DX – 3D Aerobatic Park Flyer         

Ritningen är skapad av Foamy Factory

Do you want wild park flyer or indoor 3D aerobatics?  The 3DX delivers all the thrills of much larger models in a small, lightweight package.  The ultra low weight and inexpensive Depron or Fan Fold Foam construction of the 3DX add up to an airplane that can do it all.  You can practice and perfect those maneuvers you would never dream of doing with a more expensive model, and you can do it all in your front yard.  The recommended stock power system, GWS EPS350C DS (6.6:1 gearing) and a GWS 12x6 prop, will allow hovering at half throttle with more than enough power to get you out of those “tricky” situations.  Hovering, Waterfalls, Blenders, climbing spins, knife-edge and more are all possible with the 3DX.  Put a brushless motor up front such as a Razor RZ350, and now you have a ballistic 3D machine!

The 3DX uses inexpensive components to maximize the “bang for buck” factor.  Constructed from BlueCor (fan fold foam) or 6mm Depron, the 3DX is the ultimate in simplicity.  The profile fuselage and “flat plate” wing make construction a breeze, and performance outstanding!  You can have the 3DX ready to fly in just a few evenings of relaxed building.

Specifications: Wing Span 37 in.
Wing Area: 360 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 4.8 oz. Sq. foot
Flying weight: 12 oz.
Battery: 8 Sanyo AAA720 NiMh
Radio: 3 Micro servos, Micro Receiver
Power System: GWS EPS 300/350C DS Gearing
Brushless: Razor RZ350 or Equivalent
Propeller: GWS 12x6 or APC 12x6SF

Source: Foamy Factory

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